Frequently Asked Questions

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Hydrogen is part of the fuel and we only purge small amount of pure hydrogen gas according to what the car needs. Furthermore, the hydrogen NEUTO uses is stored in the Solid-state hydrogen canister that operates at low pressure with build in safety valve and emergency switch. It is safe to dry-clean your car with NEUTO Dry Hydrogen Auto-Therapy.

When hydrogen combines with Metal, it forms metal hydride, the weak bond between hydrogen atoms to the solid metal structure. Solid-State Hydrogen Storage based on reversible metal hydrides offers several benefits over other means of storing hydrogen. Reversible metal hydrides operate at low pressure, especially when compared to compressed hydrogen, and do not need to be kept at the cryogenic temperatures required for liquid hydrogen storage. Reversible hydride storage typically requires less energy on a system basis, is compact, and can be conformable to fit space available on the application.

Emission Gas Analysis is like blood test for the car. By analyzing the compound of the exhaust gases, namely hydrocarbon (HC), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), one can read into the car health condition. iEGA report measures not only the initial phase of car emission and after result of the treatment, it intelligently records the responsiveness and reaction of car during the treatment itself. Hence, the full process of NEUTO dry cleaning is like a therapy.

Due to incomplete combustion process, carbon will deposit in the car engine. Carbon can deposit in any part of the engine. There are already many carbon-cleaning methods in the market. Mostly chemical NEUTO Dry Hydrogen Auto-Therapy uses reverse carbonization process to turn the carbon into hydrocarbon, which gets burnt away in the combustion process. It is natural and organic process that will not cause any damage to the car engine.

Wet hydrogen consists of water vapour or moisture due to generation of hydrogen gas from water electrolysis process. Dry Hydrogen is generated from industrial grade hydrogen using reforming or renewal energy process. It is 100% dry and 99.9999% purity with no water or moisture content.