How it Works


Emission Gas Analysis (EGA) resembles blood test to cars. With built-in emission gas analyzer, NEUTO™ assesses the exhaust gas compound to diagnose your car health.


Based on the EGA results, NEUTO™ calibrates and prescribes the right amount of hydrogen gas suitable for your car.

3.Dry Cleaning

NEUTO™ dry cleans your internal combustion engine at hard-to-reach places like air manifolds, air valves, air inlets and spark plugs where only hydrogen gas can reach.


NEUTO™ uses world first patented iEGA Technology to continuously monitor the car reaction and response to Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy™ within a closed-loop feedback system and automatically adjusts the required amount of dry hydrogen gas.


Full graphical data report of NEUTO™ THERAPY™ is automatically filed onto the cloud system for easy reference and historical event investigation.


After using NEUTO™ Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy™, your car engine is now cleansed and revitalized.

How Hydrogen Works

Hydrogen is one part of the hydrocarbon molecules present in the fuel and it has higher heat capacity than carbon atom. When hydrogen gas enters the car engine compartment via vacuum inlet manifolds, it chemically reacts with the carbon deposits to form hydrocarbons such as Methane gas (CH4). Hydrogen reverses the carbonization process and improves the combustion efficiency close to perfection. The end products of the complete combustion are carbon dioxide and water vapor.

This is a green and organic way to better clean the engine by converting the carbon deposits into hydrocarbons that get burnt away with no other pollutants or harmful byproducts to the environment


As carbon deposits is removed, your car is revived to its former glory. you can expect to reap the following benefits:
1) Smoother cold starts
2) Eliminate rough idling
3) More responsive engine
4) Reduces engine noise & vibration
5) Improve horsepower
6) Restores fuel efficiency
7) Maximizes vehicle performance
8) Reduces harmful emissions